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Meet The Artists

Stephen Elliott, is an artist who works from his studio (Stoneswallow Studio) in Gananoque Ontario. Through his Painting work he explores making marks on a variety of surfaces. Drawing with pencil, ink and chalk on paper, followed by incising lines on wax and paint allowing images to exist on three levels creating visual depth and rich surfaces. At times he works the surface of his paintings as he would work on a plate in intaglio. His paintings and prints consist primarily of interior spaces and still life. Each work explores a personal narrative we remember, we imagine, or we hope for.


In his recent three dimensional work, he explores assemblage as a medium to create narratives by the combination of “bits from life.” Individual pieces within each assemblage bring with them a history of association with an object used to fill a particular, usually practical, purpose. These histories work together to form an object with a newly shaped expressive story.


In addition to his personal artistic endeavors he has worked as a custom printer for a number of artists across Canada including Andre Bieler (the last living Laurentian Painter).  He recently retired as an Associate Professor of Art Education and Dean of the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, Kingston.


In his work there is life in the stillness.

Winona is a painter who, over 20 years ago, began working with the interesting surface qualities made possible through the encaustic process (painting with wax and pigment). Her work has strong formal qualities that reveal an interest in texture, colour, shape and form as main expressive elements.


Winona also uses encaustic on her carved 3-dimesional surfaces,  exploring, as themes, vessels, pods and niches. Her concerns with the formal aspects of visual art are enriched, often in a lyrical way, with a complimentary narrative and iconographic overtones.


Winona studied Art History, Fine Art and Education at Queen’s University and photography at St. Lawrence College.


Winona works from her studio (Stoneswallow Studio) in Gananoque. She has been a member of the Society of Canadian Artists and Ontario Society of Artists and has been active in regional arts initiatives for many years.

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